Often after a traumatic situation people experience lots of difficulties which they may not realise are related to their trauma. For example, they might have trouble getting to sleep, feel jumpy and irritable, feel withdrawn from people close to them, struggle to concentrate or they may stop doing things they used to enjoy. Younger people sometimes have difficulty separating from their parents where they had previously felt confident. At Olive Branch Psychology I work with people to help them make sense of the changes in their thinking, feelings, bodily sensations and the things they do. By working together we can identify clear goals and work towards them in a way that makes sense for each individual.

I work using CBT to address the problems brought about by trauma. This treatment is recommended in the NICE guidelines for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The sessions usually last for an hour and we meet weekly. The number of sessions usually ranges from 6-12. We cover a range of topics including:

  • learning about the psychological effects of trauma
  • identifying manageable goals
  • developing helpful coping strategies
  • learning to cope with the memory of the trauma
  • overcoming avoidance of things that trigger fear and frightening memories
  • learning to change thinking
  • planning for coping in the future
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